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    Hardware Requirements and Accessories

Solid State Disc (SSD). These come in various sizes. 1Mbytes being the smallest available now. Logger requires 2 of these. 1 Will be used for the program LOGGER, and the other for data storage. 1 Mbyte is ample. You can also get the RAM Discs. They are a little more expensive. The only advantage is that as data is deleted off the disc the space is recovered. They have a backup battery in them to retain the data.
The FLASH SSD is cheaper. It does not recover disc space if files are deleted, so will eventually fill up. LOGGER has built in checks that will warn the user when its getting full. All you need do is copy the LOGGER folder off the SSD onto your PC or into Internal Memory, Format the disc and copy the data back. I prefer the SSD as your data is as safe as its ever going to be.
RS232 to USB Convertor. Required to download / Upload data to and from your PC or Notebook. Most PC's and notebooks these days do not have RS232 ports on them. The USB adaptor is pretty cheap at around R250. I have them in stock as well.
Standard RS232 cable. Used to link either directly to the PC if you have a serial port, otherwise via the USB adaptor shown above.
Utiliy Bag. Comes with a decent Floppy hat and protective cover for the Psion. The protective cover is ideal if its raining or you are working in very dusty conditions. Remember you Psion casing is one solid unit. The keys cannot just be replaced so if and when they wear out because of harsh conditions its going to cost around R1800 to replace the outer case. The Bag as a top pouch to store your Psion. It also has a spare mesh pouch on the inner lid for pens, pencils and batteries. At the bottom is a fair sized compartment to store CD's,Cables,small radios,or whatever. It has a shoulder strap as well as short carry handle. Costs R495.00
This Mann truck made full use of all the space available. He had a broken taxi loaded with people and gear. Who says Africa lacks ingenuity !!!!!