Land Cruiser in distress
Way back in 1979 we also had vehicle problems and no one to assist. We finally left this vehicle halfway between camp and our line and used it for spares. There were no cell phones, radios or even pigeons. All been shot.
LOGGER Software Update and Manual
The latest version of LOGGER can be downloaded from here. The program was last updated August 2013. Users are welcome to download a copy for themselves and update their packs. This version has been tested and am pretty happy with it. The list of changes has also been updated. In my e-mail to all users in December 2010 I requested a small donation for the upgrades. Up to now I have not charged anything for upgrades and support. Must say the response was pretty poor. In total 8 responded.

I will be charging for the upgrades for now. For those that have purchased after March of 2013 there is no charge. Previous updates no longer exist so I will not be able to downgrade you to an earlier version. Do Not Upgrade if you do not want to pay. Should you compress your packs and corrupt the internal serial numbers I will only upgrade to the latest version.  This is also being done because many many users have never upgraded. They are using their original or very old copies. The previous version has been available at no charge to users up to the end of December 2010. Much has changed in the software and support thus becomes difficult. The screens have changed and I spend a lot of time on the phone now trying to help out on older copies. Problems have been rectified as well.

Do Not Upgrade if you do not want to pay. Alternatively just send me an e-mail requesting the upgrade required and I will give you the cost. You can also check for yourself what the upgrade costs are for your systems here. The left hand column is your serial no that can be found on the bottom right hand corner of your start up screen.

Please note that this version requires users to have a volume label or name for their program packs. Most users do have but there are still some die hard users with very very old versions. If you have already been allocated a name for your program disc you can download and update as you have normally done. If you have not been allocated a disc name please contact me with the serial number of your LOGGER. The serial number can be found under Job-Info.  I also required the physical serial no of the SSD. This is located on the back of the SSD.

For those of you with old versions please also download and look at the changes from September 2010 up until August 2013.

Again manual has been added to. Latest changes have been written up as well. Also added to other sections.
The manual is stored as a PDF file and the last update was July 2017.   (3,169 Mbytes)
This version contains notes on installing a Virtual Box for both Windows 7 Home, and Windows 7 Professional   Download

New September 2013    (upgrading and downloading without using Psion Manager)

An alternative to Psion Manager has been found now so should help all those struggling with upgrading to windows 7 and 8 and 10

I have also written a simple user interface for users. It allows you to download your Logger files, as well as upload any text files you want to import into Logger.  It will automatically locate the serial port, so no more frustrations trying to find which port the USB is installed onto. It will also work with USB adaptors that are not using the "Prolific Chip Set". Seems that Psion Manager will only work with a USB adaptor supporting the Prolific Chip Set. Another frustration I have  spent hours trying to resolve for users. I have tested it on Windows 7 and 8.

You will need to UPGRADE your Logger to be able to use this new downloading routine. All versions after August 2013 will work

The installation file for the Logger Serial Download can be downloaded here. There is a built in Help File but it can also be downloaded as a PDF here.

You may well ask how can I upgrade if I cannot get Psion Manager to work with Windows 7 or 8 or 10. Well Tera Term is an alternative to Psion Manager. I have documented it fully.

The installation for Tera Term can be downloaded from here
.The file size is 10.8 Mbytes.

The Upgrade notes when using Tera Term can be downloaded here.

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32 Years later in Liberia things have still not improved much. This is the spare wheel the Chinese contractors gave us for our bakkie. No less than 13 slashes in the tyre. Made no difference as there was nowhere to put air in anyway